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Flat Lift and Lateral Transfer Kit

Recognized as the industry standard for safe patient lifting, the HoverJack allows caregivers to safely lift fallen patients without the need to gather a lift team.

flat lifting kitKit Comprises:

HoverJack 32"
HoverMatt 28"
Mains Air Supply
Storage Cart

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Recovery of a fallen patient is a high risk situation. Without careful application of best practice manual handling techniques and appropriate equipment, injuries to both staff and patient are possible. Until now the use of difficult to use and cumbersome hoists has been the only practicable method of recovering a patient from a fall or post resuscitation.

Post resuscitation patients must be kept in the supine position whilst being lifted UK Resuscitation Council Resuscitation Guidelines Nov 2010

The Flat lift and Lateral Transfer Kit addresses these concerns allowing staff to raise the patient in the supine position and transfer to bed or trolley safely and with dignity.

Recognised as the industry standard for safe patient lifting, the HoverJack allows caregivers to safely lift patients that have fallen without the need to gather a lift team. The HoverJack inflates with air to lift patients from the floor to bed or stretcher height in the supine position, maximising patient safety and minimising the risk of injury to both patient and staff.

The fallen patient floats on a cushion of air allowing caregivers to safely laterally transfer patients without lifting or straining. The HoverMatt significantly reduces injuries to staff and patients when they are laterally transferred or repositioned in a bed

Major Features and Benefits

No Weight Limit
Recommended and can be safely used for bariatric patients
Lift in Supine
Promotes compliance with UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines preventing further patient Injury during any lift
CPR Compatible
CPR can be performed whilst lifting a patient
Minimum Team 2
Eliminates the need for large lift teams to be summoned urgently
Promotes Patient Dignity
Patient feels secure, safe and dignity is assured during the lift and transfer
Reduced Risk
Minimised risk of injury to staff
Can be used in a range of environments inside or outside and is mains or battery powered
No Hoist Required
Rescue a patient from a toilet, bathroom or confined space where the use of a hoist may be compromised. Affordable
Low cost and easy to store
the hoverjack in use
  • 1. Patient is positioned on the Flat Lift Kit

the hoverjack in use
  • 2. The patient is maintained in the supine position whilst being safely raised to required height

the hoverjack in use
  • 3. The patient is safely laterally transferred to a bed or trolley with dignity and in comfort

Book Demonstration
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case of need study
NHS Rapid Response Report
Flat Lift Kit Paper
Comparison Charts
Falls Algorithm

Patient Flat Lift Solutions
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Comparison Chart
Proposed or Existing Equipment
Flat Lift Kit including HoverJack
Ease of transport to patient down stairs or in a car park
Easy and portable
Weight limit
No weight limit
Lift in Supine position
Only with attachments
CPR can be continued whilst patient lifting
Unrestricted access to patient while being lifted
Use in restricted space
Safe from fluid and electrical lines getting caught in the system
Time to raise from floor level to bed/trolley height
15 minutes
45-60 seconds
Ease of lateral transfer
Not possible
Safe, Easy and Fast
Promotes patient dignity
Minimal lift team required
Can be used with spinal board